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#FreeWeb4SDGs initiative curate free websites for NFPs, CSOs and SDGs organisations.
``GoalsKeeper of the Week`` enchants you to the commitments of goalskeepers to the SDGs.
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List SDG Events
#MySDGEvents provides opportunity to list your next SDG event for FREE, for worldwide coverage.
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We are building a community where we network and share experiences on the SDG goals.
#MySDGEvents Debut

Our portal is now open for you to showcase your SDG events and have it accessed all over the world. The portal features Event Calendar, Ticketing System, Attendees List, Multilingual Possibilty, Showcase of Past, Present and Upcoming Events, Reservation and Booking System, Events Newsletter, Advanced Search System, Sharing of Events of Social Media, and many more.

#FreeWeb4SDGs WINNERS Announced

We recognise the commitment of several not-for-profit, civil society organisations, social enterprises and volunteers fostering the SDGs, and the reality that their voices must be heard loud and clear, hence the decision to activate the #FreeWeb4SDGs initiative to build free websites for qualified SDGs causes.

In the #FreeWeb4SDGs 01Jul2020 Applications Batch, there were 11 winners out of the total 25 applications we received. The winners are from Cote D’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

21st #FreeWeb4SDGs Website

“GoalsKeeper of the Week” TweetChat

Every week, we bring you a “GoalsKeeper of the Week” TweetChat as we connect with SDG initiatives and goalskeepers to ask them pertinent questions and get insights into their operations,  challenges, travails, as well as their future plans.

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