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Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Developing countries need $4.3trn to achieve SDGs – UN

The President of the United Nations Economic and Social Council, Munir Akram, has said that developing countries need 4.3 trillion dollars to realise the...

Africa Climate Change Fund

The ACCF was established by the African Development Bank in April 2014 with an initial contribution of € 4.725 million from the Government of...

1st African Forum on Urban Forests (AFUF) – 5 – 9 July 2021

Welcome to the registration page of the 1st African Forum on Urban Forests. The Conference is organized by Food and Agriculture Organisation of the...

Change the Story, Change the Future: A Living Economy for a Living Earth – David Korten

We humans live by stories, says David Korten, and the stories that now govern our society set us on a path to certain self-destruction....

The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) Innovation Grant

AGRA exists to fulfill the vision that Africa can feed itself and the world, transforming agriculture from a solitary struggle to survive to a...

‘Make-or-break moment’ for forests

Photo: Unsplash/Sebastian Unrau Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed said we were at a “make-or-break moment”, adding that woodlands provide vital functions, including as guardians of fresh...

Hurford Youth Fellowship

Do you have great ideas about how to promote democracy in your community?  Are you ready to build your leadership skills? Would you like...
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