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Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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A Global Look at Plastic in the Ocean with Dr. Lavender Law

You're invited to join via Zoom on Wednesday, May 11 at 7 PM ET for A Global Look at Plastic In the Ocean, a...

7 Tips To Recycle Better

Recycling is a regional enterprise, and each city has different rules, which complicates things for residents who just want to know how to recycle...

RAW Expo Africa – Recycling & Waste Management

The RAW Expo Africa will bring together leading manufacturers and stakeholders to meet and do business. The RAW Expo Africa is dedicated to exploring...

International Recycling Week 2022

There is progress being made in waste recycling around the world with various countries setting out new roadmaps to reduce waste, improve recy- cling...

3 Young Activists Making Waves For Our Oceans

By Helen Lock - Global Citizen Blog We can learn a lot about how we’re treating the planet from the state of its oceans. Footage of...

5th World Circular Economy Forum Report

The circular economy is not a new idea. Indigenous communities across North America and beyond have been practicing principles of circularity, including regeneration and...

Coca-Cola launches sustainability platform, JAMII

Coca-Cola Africa Operating Unit ("AOU") and its bottling partners announced the launch of JAMII, the new Africa-focused sustainability platform. The platform houses the Company's...

1st Orange Youth Football To Tackle Plastic Waste

The Orange Group is demonstrating its commitment to safeguard the environment by encouraging the collection of plastic wastes, through youth football tournaments. The Total...
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