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Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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Website Tips

Starters’ Guide To 1st MailChimp Newsletter

MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing tool available for you to connect your business with a targeted audience of potential customers and...

eNaira Local and International Payment Now Available on Flutterwave

Nonso, Marketing Storyteller, Flutterwave The Central bank of Nigeria has launched the eNaira to deepen its digitization and cashless policy efforts. The eNaira will work...

The WordPress.com Growth Summit 2021

Calling creators, small businesses, and publishers! Do you have a story to tell or a product to sell? This summit is good for you to...

WhoGoHost To Review Prices Upward

https://youtu.be/StronrW1u1w WhoGoHost will be reviewing its prices upward as a result of the biting economic situation in Nigeria. Inflation is generally at an all time...

Starters’ Guide To Domain Names and Web Hosting

Abubakar Muhadi A basic understanding of how a website works is very important, and this piece will be taking us through the meaning of a...

Winners of #FreeWeb4SDGs #BatchNOV2020 Applications – 2nd Release

We are glad to announce the winners in the 2nd Release of the #BatchNOV2020 applications. 1. Translating Education into Action for Development, Uganda TEAD's theory of...

Winners of #FreeWeb4SDGs #BatchNOV2020 Applications – 1st Release

We are glad to announce the winners in the 1st Release of the #BatchNOV2020 out of the 15 applications we received. 1. Alive Foundation, Nigeria Alive...

Winners of #FreeWeb4SDGs Batch 01JUL2020 Applications Batch

We are glad to announce the winners of this Batch 01JUL2020 out of the 25 applications we received. 1. O' Green World Initiative, Nigeria O’Green World...
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