The Climate Crisis, The Injustices and Safeguarding our Future

October 11, 2020 at 6:00 pm Zoom Lagos

The Climate Crisis, The Injustices and Safeguarding our Future

At this critical moment of climate crisis, Climate Reality Leaders all over the world are giving presentations and creating a global climate conversation on October 10-11 for 24 Hours of Reality: Countdown to the Future. We believe this is once-in-a-generation opportunity for change our world for better. With your help, we can call for a just and green recovery and finally build a truly sustainable and equitable future where there is opportunity for all.

The Climate Crisis has become an albatross. The fallout has becoming increasingly evident during the coronavirus pandemic, in environmental injustices, systemic racism, democratic insincerity, devastation of our biodiversity and the emboldening of the Big Polluters. Unfortunately the blacks and the people of colour have been badly affected by this crisis created with our hands. If we keep quiet and fold our hands, the ultimate devastation will be unquantifiable.

This is the time for action. The is the time to stand up against Climate Change. The time to extenuate the injustices. This is the time to protect our future and leave a legacy for the coming generation. Let it not become a “new normal,” rather let us arise and quickly respond to these devastations.

The solution is not out there, the solution is right here with us. Right in our hands. Will you make the difference in this generation? Join me in this 60-min webinar and let’s see what we all together can do to safeguard our future and build a better tomorrow.

2020/10/11 18:00:00

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